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WIEGAND PUBLIC RELATIONS is a small PR agency headed up by the owner. The company`s size enables a direct link to customers and media partners. There a no steep hierarchical structures, no long decision paths and no rigid administration of budgets. Our Supreme maxim is an active and personal dialogue.

The agency whilst small is fine. Freelance specialists are available on an ad hoc basis providing a punchy and powerful team.

Importance of good contacts

PR Wiegand Philosophy

In almost all areas the competition has clearly become tougher. From a purely scientific point of view it is not very difficult to increase awareness of a company or ist products. Big advertising budgets at first seem to take care of that…

However, it is common knowledge that an advert never receives the same attention as an article or a product illustration and/ or the mention in the appropriate editorial section of a magazine or newspaper.

With good contacts acquired over many years in addition to individual ideas and press services, one can operate more qualitatively. We work for example through continuous and target-group oriented information as well as regular consultations over common projects with selected media.

Tailor-made Solutions


Those who would like to operate successfully in press work must be familiar with the conditions of work in the publishing houses, TV- and radio stations in addition to online editorial departments as well as social media and influential bloggers.

The attention given to personal contacts over the years has often developed into friendships, ensuring ones own identity from the mass of PR players.

Personal visits to editorial departments; extensive conversations and most of all topic propositions edited specifically for the respective medium are highly regarded.

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Wiegand Public Relations Philosophy

The agency has several different media databases and especially developed PR software.

Taking care and updating the media distributors is of greatest importance. Precisely defined selection criteria enable a target group-orientated mailing of press releases. Because those who “always send everything to everybody” might not be regarded as proven experts.

An essential advantage of long-standing contacts is above all mutual confidence. Both confidence in professionally prepared press texts, that save the editor investigating and that subsequently show a higher publishing rate but also having confidence in a good service as journalists like to use their contacts to PR partners to get information, topic ideas, pieces of advice or tips.

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